More website problems

Your website is unusable as is. My screen resolution is 1366x768. I can’t access my patches and when I try out someone else’s there is no sound. The black lettering on partially black background is difficult to make out to. It needs some work.

It works on opera, looks terrible on google chrome???

huh - Chrome is what we test it on, and I use it myself on Linux, Win and sometimes Mac.
I’ve just had a look around on the live site and can’t see any obvious issues.
When you say you can’t access your patches, what is the exact problem?
Can you post a screenshot pls?
thanks, Martin

The log on is blocked.

Oh that’s not so good. We’ll work out a fix. Is it only the front page that is messed up like this?

Meanwhile, as a workaround, if you click any link, e.g. to go to the OWL Modular page, then the menu should appear.
Shortcuts to login are: My Account – Rebel Technology
and to the patch library:

Thanks for letting us know!

It looks like all the pages except community are affected.

It seems the tablet version of the site is enabled when the screen width is less than 1024px, and in this mode the mobile menu bar doesn’t display properly. It should show up as three long dashes in the top right corner - you can just about see it (and click it) at the GY of TECHNOLOGY.
Apologies - our web designer is working on fixing this.

Should be working now for all sizes. Try it out please and let us know if there are still problems!

It still doesn’t work properly on the iPad unless I rotate it 90 degrees. I’ll check it on pc later.

I still can’t register to access my patches with google on pc.

Do you mean Log in with Google / Facebook? We used to have that on the old site, I’ll make sure we add it in to the new one.

In google chrome I can’t register so I can access my patches.

I think we’ve finally traced this down to a broken theme file. Please try it now: all sizes down to 287px wide should now feature the my account icon correctly (next to the cart). Apologies for the troubles!

It seems to work now.

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