Need new Windows build of Firmware Sender for local environment

Hi - getting back into testing Lich gen~ patches with wav files from storage with the PR created by @antisvin . To do this i’ve setup a local environment on Windows with Msys2 and for the most part it seems correctly adjusted to work now (some directories had to be pointed to and etc) but the main thing is that patches must be sent to Lich with FIrmware Sender - or is there some other way to do it?

Firmware Sender Build seems super old for windows and I believe it is causing the Lich to error out. Theres an F on the screen after uploading the patch. If it is supposed to still work with lich, then maybe i’ve got some other issue. I saw there have been some updates to Firmware Sender (15 months ago) but no idea how to compile it. If you can’t build it maybe we can do it together.

Would be good to get this done and push the PR along, as resource loading would be insane on lich…i think. Or please add it to the web compiler!

I think that in order to use it on Windows you would have to build it yourself using JUCE. Alternatively, you could try to run the Linux build using WSL. Or just boot Ubuntu from a live USB image, etc.

Martin’s availability has been extremely limited recently and I don’t have access to online environment here, so no idea when we can expect WAV files to be supported officially.

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ok! all good. will sort this out and then experiment with your code

hi, pinging martin too @mars , tried to use the FirmwareSender repo to build a new version of the windows app and commandline tool but after tinkering around and setting up the environment (VS 2015, Win 8.1 SDK) there is a missing Juce file that isn’t in the repo apparently. The build complains
Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error C1083 Cannot open source file: '..\..\JuceLibraryCode\modules\juce_audio_formats\juce_audio_formats.cpp': No such file or directory FirmwareSender C:\Users\Username\Downloads\FirmwareSender-master\Builds\VisualStudio2015\c1xx 1
Maybe just putting it in somehow will fix everything magically. I’ll see if i can find Juce 5

I think Juce 5.2.1 isn’t around anymore on the Juce repo, but 5.4.1 didn’t throw an error yet - however there is a bigger problem - there is a missing global header file.

So what’s the workflow with building this repo on windows? You have to rebuild the Juce project first and ignore the VS2015 folder? I figured we can just use the VS2015 folder in /builds/ from the repo

There are some errors in Juce as well if you click build after opening the projucer file