New firmware: OpenWare v22.2.0

Release v22.2.0 brings the legacy OWL Pedal and OWL Modular up to date within the OpenWare firmware framework. It also includes important updates to Magus, improving CV performance and screen handling. For all OWL2 products (Alchemist, Wizard, Magus, Lich, Witch) this release provides support for 8Mb FLASH storage. And for all products it provides USB Audio sink and source.

Known Issues:

  • USB Host does not support reconnecting devices

To ensure a smooth upgrade, consider to do ERASE STORAGE from the Device Page first.

To upgrade a device with MIDI boot loader go to the firmware page (Chrome/Chromium or Edge browser).
To upgrade a legacy device with DFU bootloader go to the webdfu page (Chrome/Chromium browser only).

Please make sure you use the correct file for your device and bootloader!
Download a .syx file for use with the MIDI bootloader, .bin for DFU bootloader.

Any problems, doubts, questions: let us know!

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