New firmware release OpenWare v20.4 for Wizard and Alchemist

New release: OpenWare v20.4 : Releases · pingdynasty/OpenWare · GitHub

This release fixes problems with reset cycles and devices locking up after storing a problematic patch.

To upgrade, enter bootloader mode and send the Sysex file to the device, wait for it to finish, then power cycle.

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just want to give some feedback to what this did to my Alchemist and Wizard:


  • Recoverd, after reset+erase on dievice page, from the old incompatible Cloud Delay patch on slot 1. (as promised)


  • Slot selection now works properly
  • New BUG: USB host no longer works. My Korg nanoKontrol2 power led does not even light up now. Midi control from web page virtual keyboard works.

Both devices:

  • Much more stable communication with web page!
  • I still get nowhere near the sound quality in the sample audio provided by some patches. My CPU sometimes as low as 10% when I get digital noise. This also comes when I run on a separate DC adapter (not USB to computer which I would expect to carry these kinds of noise, but honestly not these amounts and so intermittent). I could record some samples if that is needed.

All in all, thanks for a good leap forward with this update!

// Johan

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Thank you for the feedback - will look into those issues right away!

Not sure why you would be getting digital noise - what are you plugging into the devices’ output? We found that certain very low-impedance headphones don’t sound too good when plugged straight into an Alchemist or Wizard.