New RT modules this year?

There have been no official announcements yet, but it’s fairly obvious from the recent firmware updates and PD patch templates that there’s gonna be at least 2 new modules soon.

One of them (Lich) is made together with Befaco and got featured in a recent modular event video

I guess that makes it ok to share a blurry screenshot with 2 of them:

Lich will be released on the 20th Nov!

Pretty sure that it’s 12HP. And it would be available as a through-hole DIY build (well, not the OWL digital board itself obviously).

Lich’s mugshot from Befaco instagram:

Same revision number as Magus and friends

Lich finally got announced on Befaco Facebook page:

Plus, they’ve announced release day a week later then expected (7 days == 1 mañana) and confirmed that DIY kit will be available in Thonk store.

Also - Lich page on Befaco site.

Looks like we could get an expander for serial MIDI input/output later, but it’s not yet configured in project source. As an alternative, the same expander port could be used for digital bus when that would be available (that might require replacing resistor on RX pin with a solder bridge).