New Template for LICH

Hi I watched the video for the new gen tutorials and noticed that there was a template specifically for the LICH has this been uploaded to GIT? I have looked in the gen folder and its not been updated?

            Hi so perhaps I'm answering my own question but I changed the gen Dev_template (from the old OWL interface) to reflect the LICH inputs/outputs. This is updated in gen's generated code but doesn't update the GUI in the web patch library tester. The GUI is still the old OWL interface. 
            I then changed one of my patches which was working with old OWL template but it doesn't work with the LICH template I made. So I'm wondering if gen isn't really supported on the LICH? I noticed patches written in C++, Pd and Faust all have the LICH interface? Am I better off not working in gen? or is there a naming convention for the inputs. Specifically the Buttons which I called them ButtonA and ButtonB which they are named in the LICH patches I've looked at online.
            I also noticed that the gen tutorials Tap Tempo and Crossfade delay don't work? but they work on the LICH itself. So is it just that the web patch loader isn't set up for gen and the LICH?

Also looking for a template for gendsp, maxproj, maxpat, genexpr which all seem to be supported with Lich. Any ideas? Can we get templates at all to get started?

Apologies, Cherif has been very busy lately but I’ve put a copy of his template here:

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Thanks! Will look into this…

By the way, there is a little error in the midiroute patcher. Outputs 5 and 6 are not connected to the right outputs of the route object. Very easy to fix.

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