OpenWare pre-release v22.4.rc1

A new firmware is available for testing: Release v22.4.rc1 · RebelTechnology/OpenWare · GitHub

It fixes a problem with larger resources (greater than 64k) which was causing certain patches to fail when stored and issues with samples. It also incorporates a lot of refactoring and improved robustness.

This release also fixes some teething problems with the Genius firmware, and restores USB Audio functionality.

I’d love to get some feedback: if you have a chance to try this release candidate, do let us know!

As my Lich is new and still acts a bit funny, I am happy to try this later…

So…just tried it:
It does not work (at least for me)

Everything seems to be gone:

Switched back to the v22.2, and:

It sounds like you didn’t erase patch storage before updating as it was suggested. In this case it’s pretty much mandatory as its format had some changes.

Sorry, my bad.

I tried it once again, this time deleted all the patches first.
Btw, I cannot use the “Erase Storage” button, but I need to delete all the patches one by one. Is this normal behavior?

Now, everything seems to run just fine, even the bigger patches, that did not run on the former firmware.
At least from my noobish point of view :grinning:

:+1: :+1: :+1:

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I guess that it’s good enough if it works now, but erasing storage and deleting patches one by one are not equivalent. When you delete a patch, what actually happens is that it gets marked as “deleted” by writing a few bytes in metadata, but it’s old contents are still present on flash. This is done to improve flash chip wearing. But since you have deleted files in old format, you may run into some unexpected behavior later (i.e. during defragmentation that finally erases those old deleted files).

Ok. We will see.

As mentioned, nothing seems to happen, when I hit the „Erase storage“ button. Nevertheless I hit it once again after deleting the patches and before the firmware update.

OK, I’m guessing that Lich.syx (under ‘assets’)is the relevant firmware.
(not a githubber as yet so not used to conventions)

Adding to the erase vs delete conversation, I’ve tried deleting patches and they only disappeared from the web page. Otherwise not gone.
Previously had an issue when I used webpage to erase everything, but then nothing would upload until put on a patch from the dev setup.
So…as storage format is now changed I’m hoping (expecting really) that this update will clear out whatever went wrong.