Output parameters not matching when compiling

Since Lich last firmware update (21.2.2) I’ve this error while compiling:
CONNECTED TO: OWL Lich Boot v21.0
CPU: 24% Memory: 2736
MESSAGE: Output parameters not matching 0 3
Any idea?

Yes that’s a new diagnostic message to indicate that the patch details on the website (metadata) don’t match the compiled patch. It only, currently, applies to gen~ patches.
What patch are you seeing this with?

OWL Max Tutorial 9 patch from Cherif Hashizume for instance.
So I have to add Parameter F, G and H as OUTPUTS for corresponding outputs in gen~ (out3 to 5)?

What you do is add parameter F and G as OUTPUTS (for Lich CV out 1 and 2) and Button 3 OUTPUT (for Lich gate out).
As per OWL Patch Library – Rebel Technology

On the Witch you could additionally add a Button 4 OUTPUT for the second gate out.

More in depth explanation here (let me know if it needs expanding):

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And don’t forget to recompile the code on the web page too…

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