OWL Modular Prototype

The first OWL Modular prototype was presented at the Frankfurt Musikmesse back in March. We’ve since tuned the design and gone through another round of prototyping, and now have a product we are 100% satisfied with. It will run all patches from the OWL library and it will interface with the same software.
It will also have CV inputs on all parameters, and DC-coupled inputs and outputs, allowing for synthesis and sequencer patches as well as effects. And thanks to stereo in/out: any combination of the above!

Thanks for putting a forum up for this Martin, I’m totally excited about this…gonna pick up the pedal asap too.

I’ve been looking around in vain for a flexible eurorack module that can run pd, so this is perfect for me. There are modules that can run csound, but I’ve not had occasion to get into that yet.

It seems to me that with a module like this and other programmable modules such as zDsp and Snazzy FX ardcore (neither of which i own as yet) you could hack your way to the ultimate flexible modular…

So now I’ve ordered the pedal… Was looking at the musikmesse video, what’s the size of the OWL modular (assuming that the prototype shown was the same size I’m guessing something like 20-24HP)?

Yes it’s 20HP, here’s the front panel design

We’re ordered the panels, once they arrive we’ll be finishing and testing the first units.

Thanks! Can’t wait…do you mind if I put that up on Modular Grid…?

Please do. I’ll post a proper photo as soon as the front panels arrive.