OWL Pedal does not power up

Hello there, this morning i connected my OWL Pedal to the pc to load a patch, but when i plugged in the usb cable, the led turned red. So i disconnected it and after that it doesn’t power up anymore neither via DC adapter.
I don’t know what to do, there is some way to do a factory reset or something has broken?
Any help will be really appreciated T_T
Thanks a lot

Hi there,

does toggling the foot switch, or pressing the LED button, do anything?

If not, you can try entering DFU boot loader mode: Hold down the LED pushbutton when you power the device on (over USB) and the LED should flash three times. Does that work?


Hi Martin
Pressing the led button does nothing and also the footswitch. (while is connected with guitar bypass works but when i press the foot switch the volume goes a lot down, and nothing else happens)

The DFU mode seems not being loaded… it doesn’t do anything when i keep the led pressed via usb when powering up.

Okay, so that would seem to indicate that either the firmware and bootloader have somehow been zapped (not a technical term), or that there is a hardware problem.

Provided there is no hardware problem then there is a way to reinstate the bootloader and firmware using 'Hardware DFU mode`, see https://hoxtonowl.com/mediawiki/index.php/Hardware_DFU

If that looks too daunting, or if you try it and it doesn’t work, then email us to arrange a return: info@rebeltech.org

Ok, i will try in these days
Thank you!!