OWL Pedal mkII

Originally published at: OWL Pedal mkII ā€“ Rebel Technology

The OWL Pedal is an open source, programmable stage effects pedal, made for guitarists, musicians, hackers and programmers.

So MCU got changed to similar part with hardware cryptography?..

Is it possible to upgrade an mk1 pedal to mk2 by swapping
the legacy OWL board to the new one? If not, what are the
differences in the pedal hardware beyond the new OWL
platform board?

It is not Iā€™m afraid, as the mk2 has differential outputs (like balanced audio) while the mk1 is single ended. So the audio circuitry is different.
However many of the firmware improvements can be used also on the mk1, and releasing a new firmware version is next on my todo list :slight_smile:

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