Owl Pedal no longer powering on, or connecting to computer

So as the title suggests, my pedal is no longer powering on. I noticed it the last time I fired up board at a rehearsal, and thought I’d get home, connect to the computer via USB and hopefully be able to revive it. Unfortunately It is not appearing in my USB tree in my system report. Is there anything I can try to do without getting a connection to a computer? I miss my crazy digital effects…

Does the bootloader work? Hold down the pushbutton while you power it up and see if the LED flashes.

Oh and don’t worry, we’ll nurse it back to life, one way or another! :smile:

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in response!

Holding the push button while trying to power via 9V adapter, or USB, no action on the LED at all.

Okay so that means the bootloader is not working.

We have some basic instructions on re-flashing the bootloader here:
It requires a bit of command line confidence. And a screw driver.

Alternatively you can DM me to arrange a return and we’ll sort it out for you.