OWL pedal out of stock

Hi Rebels!

I am considering buying an OWL pedal but see it is currently out of stock. Any plans/dates for new supplies?

Best Hans Peter


Also interested in procuring one. Has it been continuously out of stock since November? I checked on reverb.com to see if there are used ones available, but it does not seem to be listed there. Maybe that means everyone is happy, nobody wants to part with their OWL pedal :slight_smile:.

I think some parts used in digital board for Owl modular and pedal have become obsolete a while ago. Pretty sure that this was discussed in this forum before, but I can’t find a specific thread.

Newer hardware (Magus/Wizard/Alchemist) are based on backwards-incompatible revision of digital board with updated hardware, but somehow it was not used for anything in guitar pedal form. Actually it’s surprising that they didn’t make something like that.

We’ve got an OWL Pedal mkII in the works, since a while, but progress has been slow. Hoping to have some good news on that front quite soon.


First post here but i have been a rebel tech user ans fin from several years.

Just chipping in to say that i will definitely be interested in a owl mkii.

So you have one more potential user


Hello, I am currently selling 2 OWL pedals in A1 condition.

I own 4 of these amazing pedals and have decided to sell 2.

You will be amazed at what is possible. Martin and his team created something very special with these pedals. They are so amazing I was able to get my sound installations installed around the world with these pedals at the heart of it.

Buy one and be amazed.

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Hi there! I would be very interested in one or two OWL pedal mkII. Do you have any time perspectives you can share? Would be good to know … best Hans Peter