OwlControl on Linux (debian buster amd64)

Hi There,

The current OwlControl binary is not usable on debian (an other Linux distributions) because one cannot open/load files. This is due to a known bug with the JUCE FileChooser (Freeze when opening FileChooser - #37 by tomotello - Linux - JUCE). The program freezes when trying to select a patch or firmware. However, I managed to compile it successfully but I had to patch code and apply the following two changes:

The file chooser
#elif JUCE_MAC
at line 103 of …/modules/juce_gui_basics/filebrowser/juce_FileChooser.cpp

Getting it to compile because of current gcc version complaining about overloading:

“./JuceLibraryCode/modules/juce_audio_formats/codecs/flac/libFLAC/lpc_flac.c” line 60 and replaced it with this:
static inline long int jlround(double x) {

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That’s great feedback, thanks!
When I get back from travels in a couple of weeks time I’ll add your changes to the code and do a release.
Meanwhile do you have a binary to share? Also are you on x86 or amd64?
I’m only on 32-bit linux myself atm, I think its time I set up a 64-bit machine.

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I have a binary. I uploaded it here: https://file.io/jjC4fd
I’m on a 64-bit system. I believe there is no difference between x86 and amd64. “amd64” is just a “historic” name because amd implemented it first.