OwlControl V12

OwlControl V11 windows doesn’t seem to work with a V12 Owl module and I can’t find a windows build of OwlControl V12. I tried building OwlControl V12 Linux on Centos, which kindof works but the UI is unresponsive. Is there any chance of getting a windows build of OwlControl V12? I’m not set up for building on windows.

Hi there noodles,

sorry about this, I’ve now prepared a Windows build and updated the release page:

I’m not a Windows expert, let me know if there are any issues.

Also note that if you’re having problems connecting to OWL MIDI from OwlControl, try closing all Chrome processes from Task Manager (there can be about 30 of them!) then restart OwlControl.

The owlcontrol in the macOS-zipfile on the link above tells me it is still ver. 1.0 in the finder-info, and there’s no version indications in the app, as far as I can tell…

Sorry, now I got the the About-menu to work!

Have a good day

I’ve created an issue to update the version information visible to Finder: Populate Finder version information on Mac · Issue #11 · pingdynasty/OwlControl · GitHub