OwlSim - Linux

Hi all,

Just pulled OwlSim from github, tried compiling without success.

@brain Linux]$ make
Compiling StompGui.cpp
Compiling SampleBuffer.cpp
Compiling PatchRegistry.cpp
In file included from …/…/Source/PatchRegistry.cpp:3:0:
…/…/Source/Patches/GainPatch.hpp:4:22: fatal error: StompBox.h: No such file or directory
#include “StompBox.h”
compilation terminated.
make: *** [build/intermediate/Debug/PatchRegistry_cb5b7186.o] Error 1

Anyone else successful or is it my setup?


Looks like an include path issue, probably to do with the Makefile rather than your setup.
As a workaround pls try changing it to:
#include “…/StompBox.h”
in GainPatch.hpp and TemplatePatch.hpp



I’ve pushed an update to github which adds the missing include.
If you pull the latest it should all be working!


Thanks Martin, i had sorted it already but this will likely help anyone else trying to build using Linux.

I’ve been able to get OwlSim running on Linux using Qtractor after pulling the vstsdk2.4 into ~/SDKs, compiling,following the readme and messing about a bit.