OwlSim mono only?

There’s a comment in the GitHub repo that says that OwlSim is a mono plugin. Does this mean you can’t use OwlSim to develop stereo (2-in, 2-out) effect? Being reasonably familiar with both JUCE and VST frameworks, what’s the current limitation?

Thanks, -Jamie

You can develop a stereo-capable patch, but iirc the sim itself will only play back mono. (I did that with my contest submissions.)

I’m pretty sure we changed that… Will verify.

It’s just an old, out-of-date comment in the readme - removed!
The Sim should work in stereo and with multiple instances in most hosts.

Thanks for checking into this.


i can’t seem to get owlsim to show up in reaper as a stereo vst. It always has Owlsim (mono) in the fx list.

Anyone built a stereo owlsim?

Which OS are you using ?

On Windows my VST is stereo, recognized as stereo in Reaper. I’ve had to use the previous VisualStudio project file to build, the new doesn’t build.

I also have OwlSim in stereo (Mac OS X).
OwlSim now displays the number of inputs / outputs for the selected patch.

i solved my mono-owlsim issue. I had an old copy in the system vst folder and juce was putting the newly built one in the user folder