Owlsim windows

Dear all,

I have installed owlsim in my mac but it doesn’t work, is there any version por windows


I found a 0.1 version that at least open my Cubase, but 0.2 from your site it doesn’t work, by the way the overdrive patch doesnt work. in the last firmware, isn’t it?


The Overdrive patch needs an expression pedal connected to the OWL’s input “E”.
Otherwise the drive parameter is 0.

We will release new versions of OwlNest soon so you will be able to see directly ,when connecting the Owl, if an expression pedal input is needed for a given patch.

Hi guys,

I tried the VST plugin with MULAB on my iMAC and this version 0.2 is recognized as an invalid VST plug-in. There must be something going wrong.

Any idea when the new OwlNest will be released ?