Our good friend Marek (mazbox) has created an amazing application for Mac OS X called OwlSimLive.
It basically turns the OWL simulator into a (near) live coding environment: drag a Patch source code file onto the Sim window and it is instantly compiled and loaded. If you then make changes to the code, they are recompiled and reloaded when you save the file - in less than half a second!
If there are any compilation errors then the new code is not reloaded, instead the errors are shown in a diagnostic window.

This is a very early and not completely stable version, but if you want to try it out here’s how:

  • Download OpenFrameworks for Mac: http://www.openframeworks.cc/download/
  • Unzip and cd into the 'addons' directory (in a Terminal window)
  • Git clone ofxMidi and ofxXmlGui git clone git@github.com:danomatika/ofxMidi.git git clone git@github.com:isthisgood/ofxXmlGui.git
  • cd into the OpenFrameworks examples/empty directory
  • git clone OwlSimLive git clone git@github.com:mazbox/OwlSimLive.git
  • open OwlSimLive.xcodeproj in XCode and build!

The project is on github, here: GitHub - mazbox/OwlSimLive: Simple app for livecoding hoxton owl patches.

And here’s a video of it in action:

This is awesome. Thanks alot Marek.