Patches for Genius

Today i received my Genius Module and it is great. Will there be an offline app to transfer downloaded patches to the module? That would be an advantage if you don’t have an internet connection.


You can do that with any OWL patch already. When building patches (online on RebelTechnology server or on your own machine) here’s what happens:

  1. patch source is built using into an executable binary with OwlProgram, giving you a .bin file that contains compiled patch code

  2. the binary gets encoded into MIDI SysEx format using FirmwareSender program

  3. extra SysEx data is added to load or store patches, this is also done by FirmwareSender, i.e. see Makefile

If you’re living in a country without Internet, not being to flash patches on OWL is probably your least concern :wink: In most cases patches are built offline for other reasons, i.e. to write and load patches using your IDE of choice or in order to build them with a custom branch of OwlProgram.