Patches on the Witch?

I am considering purchasing one of these. Could somebody please let me know how many patches can be stored on the Witch at a single time - is it limited to 8?

In addition, can the Witch run any PureData or Max patch, or do those patches need to be reconfigured or adjusted somehow to run on the Witch? I ask because I am not a programmer, and the idea of having a standalone device onto which (no pun intended) I can simply load pre-existing PureData or Max patches without further programming effort is very appealing.

Thanks in advance!

How about 40 patches? But note that there’s second limit - 8Mbytes of storage shared by patches and resources (samples, etc). The patches themselves are fairly small (often end up less than 64k in size).

I would suggest to start by reading docs at . You have to realize that you can run on such device is not identical desktop software . For PD you can only use objects supported by the Heavy compiler (there’s a lot of them but vanilla PD still has more). And we run code exported from gen~ rather than arbitrary Max patches.

Besides changes to patch contents that may have to be made, you’d have to assign some parameters to OWL inputs (or outputs). I guess that falls into adjustments category, however this is a rather trivial thing.

If that is clear, you can have a look at what’s possible in our current library - . Many of those patches were made for the old OWL pedal/module that has less SDRAM among other things and could be improved for current hardware.

This is excellent information, and very useful - thank you very much!!

I think I will give it a go. One additional question, though - does the device come with a manual? I searched high and low on the website for the information about patch storage, but couldn’t find any reference to the 40 you mention (or, for that matter, how to cycle through more than the original 8)?

This is as close as it gets to manual -

Ah I see now, I think that currently you can use buttons on device to select first 8 patches or use MIDI to select any of the 40 patch slots. You can send MIDI from device page in OWL patcher or using anything that sends MIDI (external controller). I think that describes it accurately, but @mars could confirm if that’s true or not.

We could expose more patch for selection from device if we change patch selection process, for example enter them as binary numbers or use knobs.

Thanks! The ability to select additional patches from the device itself would be extremely helpful, from my point of view. I don’t mind connecting a computer to upload/swap patches, but would rather not be connected to select them - this would provide the greatest flexibility as a standalone device.

Can the lights show more than two colors? Perhaps different patches can be shown by having more than one light of each color light up when patches beyond the original 8 are selected?

No, there aren’t secret LED colors or we would be using them already :wink: But we could easily assign one of the knobs to act as bank selection for choosing groups of 8 patches depending on its position. I’m sure that Martin would add something like this once there’s enough users with pitchforks asking about more patches being selectable.

That would be fantastic! I’m happy to provide the pitchforks to whomever needs them :).