Powering the modular over USB


Just got my owl, still deciding on which power supply to go with it… that being said, it is my intention to build it into a eurorack with a proper powersupply, but still learning that.

Meanwhile it seems possible to power it over USB (see notes here Not the frontal USB-B connector, but the micro USB in the back

To power over USB, the USB_VBUS pin must be connected to one of the +5v pins, and USB_GND to GND.

Is there a proper way of doing it. The pins are all covered in the connection to the Modular board, so it’s hard to jump these…



On the back of the OWL Modular, on the main board, there is a 3-pin header which selects boot mode, and another 2-pin header. If you connect a jumper across the 2-pin header you will be able to power the digital board over USB.

However, bad news: this doesn’t power the analogue circuitry, which runs from the +/-12v supply. This means that the audio inputs and outputs, CV and ADC won’t work. You can talk to the OWL over USB MIDI, but you won’t get sound out of it and the parameters will be stuck in the max position.

What you need is really +12v and -12v going into the OWL.