Problems compiling Pd Patch

Hi, I am having trouble converting a Pd patch into C. I’ve had a variety of error messages, but this is a normal patch with only vanilla objects and I got an error message saying:

  1. e[91mErrore[0m hvcc: Unknown input path /opt/OwlServer/web/scripts/patch-builder/build-src/61696d01ee5c362cc6a17003/2Ambient

Is there a solution for this please?
Many thanks, Rich

Do you have any non-ASCII characters in patch file name? Otherwise, please post a link to this patch here (no need to make the patch itself public, direct links work either way).

Thank you for this. I don’t think I have any non ASCII characters. Here is the link:

Oh ok, well the problem is that space in file name, this currently breaks building patches.

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It works! Thank you for your help!

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