Problems with editing Faust patches online

Hi there,

I’ve recently bought a Witch, and I’m currently having great fun programming it (her?) with Faust. Uploading patches, compiling them and storing them works fine. However, when re-opening a patch in the online editor, I often run into a very annoying problem: editing the patch seems to work, save seems to work, but after pressing “save & compile”, the patch reverts to how it looked before I editied it. If I download the patch, the edits are present, but they no longer show in the editor window on the website. Copying and pasting the code into a new patch solves the problem, and sometimes it resolves itself anyway for some reason, but I’m unable to see the pattern behind this. I’ve tried opening the editor in both chrome and edge under win10, but the problem is present in both browsers. Please help!

Yes it’s a weird, intermittent issue that we’ve noticed, and tried to fix, in the past. Can’t say if it’s a caching problem or not, but as you say the website sometimes shows an older version of the file, even though the server has the new version.
I will make sure it is looked into again as part of the next round of website updates.

This seems to have gotten better now, and the forum is a lot quicker too! Big thanks for looking into it! :smiley:

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Just wanted to report that I’m still having the same issue with faust patches not updating after save & compile when using the online editor in chrome/edge. This is specific to editing patches that are already stored in “my patches”. Creating a new one solves the problem, as long as I don’t leave the edit page. If I close the patch and re-open it by clicking on it in “my patches”, the problem is there again.

So please keep looking into it!