Problems with Witch invalid sysex

Hi there!
I’m writing here because I’m having a problem with my witch device.
Suddenly it’s not working, when I go into the patch library and connect the device I get the message
Invalid SysEx Message. I thought maybe it was a problem with the firmware, so I’ve uploaded with the open ware laboratory but It’s still not working.

The actual firmware is OWL Witch Boot v22.0.rc4

Does anyone knows what is happening?
I’m pretty new with this stuff so maybe it’s quite simple but I have no idea what it is happening.

Thanks in advance!


So this indicates that the device is in bootloader mode. You should be able to exit bootloader mode by power cycling or clicking Reset Device on the device page.
If it still comes back up in bootloader mode then see if there’s another error message that can tell us why, e.g. “Unexpected reset”. It might be that you have a patch stored in slot 1 that is causing resets to happen on startup.
In that case you could try to erase the patches, and resources, by clicking Erase Storage from the same device page.
Afterwards, if you want to restore the factory patches (and the samples and wavetables they use) you can do that from this page.
If you’re not in a hurry, you could wait a day or two for the next firmware release :slight_smile: The next release fixes a few problems we’ve had with reading back and running stored patches. Unfortunately it also requires erasing the patches, as the new firmware introduces a new storage system.