Questions about the Magus in PureData

Hey - I have a few questions since I’m new to PureData and the Magus. I love this device and would love to use it in a live perfomance. So far I just have used some Patches from the databank.

-How can I access the patch points via PureData?
-Is there a way to get a GEM or even a simple Array, displayed on the OLED Display? Or do I really have to use C++? What can I do with the Display in PD at all?

See Pure Data OWL Patches | OpenWareLab

Unfortunately PD patches are compiled with the Heavy compiler that only supports a subset of objects that desktop version uses. The vanilla PD that you would normally use requires a full OS to run, it can’t be compiled for a microcontroller. There’s also libPD that is like core of vanilla PD usable as library and it also requires OS besides being much slower than what you get from HVCC.

You’re right that it should be possible to visualize something by editing C++ files, but even that may end up untrivial. I think that at that point it makes more sense to just write patches in C++, OWL has a large library of DSP objects and there’s also support for DaisySP library.

There are some plans to indeed hook into an array for display purposes (depending on the framework used), but at the moment this is not yet possible.

GEM obviously would never work, this uses OpenGL which is not something that runs on a microcontroller. And as @antisvin explained we transpile the PD patch using HVCC to c/c++, we don’t actually run any PD inside OWL!