Samples in faust

This device having space for sample storage is very tempting. Do we have access to use samples with faust running on a witch using the soundfile primitive?

Actually we do, I’ve added that a few years ago. But we run an old version of FAUST on server that can’t be upgraded easily, so it doesn’t support that primitive. If you want to build your patches offline, you can use the samples by following the README instructions.

Fantastic, I’ve compiled these locally a couple of times so that’s pretty straight forward. Thanks!

What is the reason ?

IIRC, the server runs an old Linux version with Libc that is incompatible with available recent FAUST binaries. And I think it might not have enough memory to build it locally. There’s been some WIP to move the server to a newer deployment system that would make it possible to run more recent OS or reconfigure server easily.