Save to Owl

In my version, which I think is the latest and greatest for os X, there is no way I can Save to Owl.
If I swap patches and reboot the Owl the changes are gone. Am I missing something?


Hi Howard,

we’ve been working on this on the firmware side, and we now have a solution which works really well. It coincides with the implementation of a dedicated bootloader.

Basically the first 16kb sector of Flash memory will be used for the new bootloader, and the second for user settings, with the remaining 992kb available for firmware and patches.

To support the new features we also need to update the OwlNest, and in the meantime the Save to OWL feature has been disabled. We’re almost done, and should have a release ready later this week.




The bootloader can be flashed to the device by following these instructions:

(the wiki setup is still a work in progress!)

OwlNest binaries are next!