Setting up build/burn environment

I’ve looked at the instructions for OwlProgram.

I started going through them using my Ubuntu Box (version 20 or 22 probably).

As I understand this, just this piece by itself is all command line driven and would connect to a device on the Linux PC’s USB port.

What I’d really rather do is to set something up with the web server so that it behaves somewhat like the existing website, so I can easily see, manage, and switch between patches using my Windows PC which is what I use most of the time and is plugged into the Owl Modular’s USB port.

I also see this repo: GitHub - RebelTechnology/webdfu_owl: Web-based OWL firmware updater (WebDFU fork)


Is it possible/practical to do this here? I’m OK installing and configuring things but I’d like to think that the end goal is possible before putting a lot of time into it. I can’t tell how this all fits together from the documentation I’ve seen so far.

Yeah I would say that for most people it’s not practical to setup the web UI. Maybe it would make sense for something like 10+ people working together, but generally it’s too much effort if all you want is compiling patches on your own.

As for just switching patches, you can take a look at some Javascript tools and could probably make up something minimal if you’re confident working with HTML/JS. There’s a related repo in Martin’s account too.

Also, a while ago I’ve started working on a Rust based frontend for OWL, initially I was going to concentrate on wavetable edting but ended up mostly exploring various details of its MIDI implementation. I think I had patch switching working there, you could try the web build or its also possible to build a desktop version. It’s not really complete though.

As a last option, there was an old desktop UI based on Juce framework. It was written for the old firmware (OwlWare rather than OpenWare). I think it used to work with current firmware too, not sure if that’s still the case, but if it works it might be good enough for basic patch management.

Thanks @antisvin that helps save me some time. Well, maybe I’ll just keep using my OWL with the website and if the web site goes dead then so be it.


I think you should be able to find out a combination of toolchain/FAUST that works. Maybe download GCC version from ARM site rather than rely on what Ubuntu offers. The web site part relies on a working toolchain being installed, it would be useless otherwise.