Spectral Harp patch for Genius

I finally got Spectral Harp released for Genius! It’s a port of my Spectral Harp VST with some modifications and the addition of the diffuser and reverb from Clouds. The audio inputs are used to control position and amplitude and the gate inputs are used to pluck or strum the spectrum. I’ve made a demo video to explain it:

And you can install it from the patch library here:

Yay, the spectral blingy wobble thing is done finally! And it’s playable with MIDI controller too apparently.

From a quick look at sources:

  1. Bitcrusher uses discrete number of bits, but it’s not hard to use a real value. Effectively it’s keeping state of 2 bitcrusher and morphing them based on remainder. I have an example here

  2. Same for sample rate reducer, example here.

  3. Probably a good idea to experiment with reverb a bit to see which coefficients fit better. IIRC Clouds has shorter delay length but uses one LFO for smearing (which wasn’t present in original paper), Rings has longer delay lines (+20kb or so) but no smearing. Original Dattoro paper used different delay lengths and I think it had some difference in the reverb tank loop. Or you can just try your own. On H7 MCU you certainly have more room for longer delays compared to F4 that MI modules used.