Supporting Vult patches

I’ve just been introduced to Vult :

It’s a DSP language with a transpiler that can generate C/C++. It should be pretty straightforward to write a wrapper so that Vult code could run on the OWL.

Is there interest in this? Any Vult coders here?

The examples on the website seem kind of basic, but perhaps there are better ones out there on the interwebs.

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Vult looks nice — more readable IMHO than the other DSP languages I’ve seen. I agree, it’d be good to have it supported.

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Nice language! I like the mem designator and having simple structured assignment (x,y = y,z) in a C-like setting. I think I like the context-sharing (and)–it’s certainly interesting! Always cool to see OCaml getting used.

It looks like there’s some ongoing development in the forward branch (so it’s not stalled) but I wonder if the existing community is very big. My complete outsider’s suggestion is that if there are a lot of Vult programmers who could be brought to the RT platform, that would be a bigger win than providing another option for existing OpenWare programmers, but certainly having the option would be fun.


This guy has provided quite a few modules for vcv rack btw, i quite like his work.

I agree, Vult is actually a nice alternative to FAUST, it’s a bit faster to code. The @table feature is cool. I don’t really know OCaml so I cant judge the language as much but I’ll probably have a play with Vult especially because it easily seems to transpile to pd externals which id usually do with FAUST.

I dont know the added value for OWL platform either but let me know if you’re planning on doing anything with Vult. :slight_smile: