Trouble loading first patch on the owl

Hi all. I’m having trouble loading my first patch onto the owl. How do I do this? Do I need to upload it to the website? I see no place to upload it nor any instructions. Sorry if Im being a total noob. Thanks

I keep getting the “access denied” error when Im uploading my patch!

Hi there!

So you go to and log in, then click on Patches / My Patches / Create patch
All good so far?
Click CHOOSE FILES… in Add Source Files, select the right compilation type, then click Save and Compile.
Not working?
If so, can you give us a screen shot of the error? What type of patch is it, Puredata, Max, C++ or FAUST?

Ill post a screenshot when i get home in a few hours. Ive been doing everything u described above. For some reason i think im maybe not logged in but of course I’m logged when posting right now. Is there a different log in for loading patches maybe? I click the little icon of the person on the top right corner of the page and it asks me for me username and password but it wont let me log in there with my login and password from the forums. I am able to load patches that are already uploaded to the site that other users have made. Im just trying to upload a max msp gen patch and im selecting gen from the drop down menu. The error message is just a box that pops up after i hit the save and compile button that says access denied. I appreciate the help man and am really excited to get my patches onto this pedal!!!

nevermind. I got it to work. I was just being a dingbat :smiley: :smiley:

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cool - what was the problem in the end?

I wasn’t logged into the site. I was logged into community but not the site that lets me upload my patch. I;m smart