Updating file libraries from Github C++ ! help?

I found myself trying to use NoiseOscillator in the same way as SineOscillator.
…but seems I don’t have the latest library files.
What do I need to update? (was a long time ago when I needed help to compile anything, haven’t updated since).

Having got that idea from the API I now see that it’s replaced by NoiseGenerator (does that work in the same way ?

Is there an update howto somewhere? I presume to run make libs again (and ignoring the error message for EEMC)

Just any pointers really, replacing everything in Owlprogram-Develop just seemed to trash it.

You should use “make realclean; make libs” to rebuild libraries.

There are multiple noise generators in NoiseGenerator.h, but none of them is actually called “NoiseGenerator”. NoiseOscillator class still exists. The difference between them is that noise oscillator generates a new random sample periodically based on given frequency, while noise generators output a new random value for every sample. So they’re acting like a noise oscillator with frequency set to sampling rate and various randomization algorithms.

ok, thanks for that, not quite there yet:-
I Downloaded latest OwlProgram-develop/
Copied it over my existing OwlProgram-develop/

got the following error

bash.exe"-3.1$ make realclean; make libs
/bin/sh: arm-none-eabi-gcc: command not found
make[1]: *** [Build/arm_sin_f32.o] Error 127
make: *** [libs] Error 2

The requirements for building libraries and patches regarding compiler are the same - if it’s not installed globally (i.e. to a directory in $PATH variable), you’ll have to add TOOLROOT=/path/to/compiler/directory

Many thanks.
In summary for future explorers.

  1. Download latest “OwlProgram-develop” folder (github).
  2. put FirmwareSender.exe in the OwlProgram-develop\Tools directory
  3. add TOOLROOT ?= C:/GNUArm/bin/ to compile.mk file , (or whatever is location of binaries for ARM compiler)
  4. short cut to bash created with “C:\OwlProgram-develop\OwlProgram-develop” put in “start in”
  5. “make realclean; make libs” is run from bash after PATH=C:\\MinGW\\msys\\1.0\\bin\\
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