Usb cable stuck in Lich

Hi All

Build went well, calibration is spot on. Went to remove the usb cable and it’s stuck fast inside the port. No gentle movement or pulling will shift it. This is the provided usb cable with the build kit bought from Thonk

Obviously don’t want to apply pressure to it or break a build I’ve just finished. Most frustrating

Any hints or tips?

This problem was reported and, in theory, fiexed! so this is starting to smell fishy…
When were these units purchased? any chance to send kit’s reference number and/or Module serial number?

I’ll try and find those details. Kit bought recently from Thonk in November.

The issue is as follows I think: there are two inwards facing spring clips that are meant to hold the usb plug in and are designed to apply pressure to the small raised areas on the L/R of the usb socket. (higlhighted in red)

However the design flaw is that the very END of these spring slips (in yellow are pushed out and become wedged against the same raised areas and as the socket is pulled the sprung section in red instead of being forced towards the usb plug is instead pushed to the wall of the socket, further pinning the usb plug.

Exactly the same issue with me… Modules was purchased approximately a month ago.
Messaged Befaco and are waiting a reply…

How did you resolve it?

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If I order a new Lich now, will the USB connectors have this issue?

Issue was located to one defective batch. It should be fixed.
If not, I might commit suicide in a very nasty way :confused:

Sounds like a plan - ordering one now!