Using Lich as a sound card

Trying to use Lich as a sound card and I’m only getting usable signal on the left side even though I have signal at both L and R inputs. I have tried loading different patches and even a blank patch someone posted but nothing works. There seems to be some signal on the right input but at a very low level.

Can anyone suggest anything to try?

Are you trying to play audio or record or both? If you’re sending audio from the Lich, do you using it with eurorack over mono 3.5mm cables or connecting it with something else?

Hi, I’m trying to record the stereo output from my eurorack in a DAW. I’m going into the Lich inputs with eurorack patch cables.

You could try updating firmware, but this doesn’t sound like an issue that I remember hearing about.

If you need the simplest bypass patch possible, try this in FAUST:
process = _, _;

It sends 2 inputs to outputs and you should be able to hear both channels. Then you can compare it to what you get with USB.

just tried my diy lich and its fine. Are there any issues with just regular audio input processing? Its just when using the lich as a soundcard? Does it act the same way on different computers/devices?