Using "make" to store patch on Lich, problem reaching slots 2 and above

I can compile and load a patch to the Lich.

I can compile and store a patch to slot 1 with

make PATCHNAME=MidiCV store

but can’t store to any other slot

make PATCHNAME=MidiCV store slot 2
stores to slot 1
make PATCHNAME=MidiCV store slot=2
stores to slot 1

so is there further docs to seek out beyond that readme file?

Ah, Andy is back :wink:

Yeah you should use upper register for SLOT=2.

yes, got sidetracked by the soldering iron,
many thanks.

Current thing I wonder…how can I find example patches in C++ without having trawl at random ?
( i have the midi modular one, obviously)

I’ve found the OpenWareLaboratory API.

You can search by patch description in patch library if you have a specific subject in mind. There’s also filtering by patch author or tag. This is all done on client side, the API simply returns lists of tags/authors/patches. Or just check the most popular patches as a starting point. Is there anything you think is missing?

Just looking for the “Hello World” of all the inputs and outputs.
in C++
Midi Modular patch has a lot of it already.