V/Oct Calibration

Could someone kindly explain the calibration process for the Witch? I would very much like to try it with my Eurorack.

I’m using OpenWareLaboratory as described, but when I hold down Button 1 or Button 2, the values I get gradually tend towards 0. Maybe there is something wrong with my build, but everything on the https://witch.rebeltech.org/ site appears to work as expected. This is my first OWL device, so… not sure if the problem is with my build or my understanding.

Hope someone can explain! TIA

Hi Naenyn,

That tool is used for calibrating codec inputs/outputs and storing results on device. Unlike previous OWL based hardware, the Witch has AC coupled inputs/outputs. So it would filter out any static DC offset in its audio inputs, which would include V/Oct signal.

You can still use CV inputs for pitch CV and by default they are calibrated to track 1 V/oct over 5 volts.

Ah-hah! Thank you for explaining. That makes sense.

I got pitch CV working fine today. I was expecting the trigger in for notes to be on the envelope trigger/CV instead of the note one.

Looks like I’m good to go. Thank you for the help. Fun device!

Edit: It might be a good idea to remove the V/oct calibration step from the end of the build doc. I followed the doc listed on Thonk.