Where to get latest OWL firmware and how to install it

Hi, I’ve had my Owl since kickstarter and have not used it in few years.

I would like to update firmware using OwlNest, but when I try to download it from server, I get error ‘Server connection failed’.

I tried also OwlControl application, but that doesn’t recognize my Owl at all (OwlNest works though)

Also OwlNest shows that my owl has firmware revision 4

Edit: Found from searching the forums that I need firmware OwlWare-v10-pedal.bin, but as hoxtonowl.com site seems to be down, I couldn’t found it anywhere… Maybe someone here has that firmware and can share it somewhere?

Hi Maso,
They keep firmware releases on github - Releases · pingdynasty/OwlWare · GitHub

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Martin sent me v10.bin file and also added that file to github releases. Now all works fine!

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