Why i cannot store the patches on my Alchymist?

I can connect my device to Owl. I can upload a patch to it. But i cannot find it on my Alchymist after disconnection from computer or power.

Now i only can select from those few patches i found preloaded on the device. But i cannot store any from the online library?

Would you please explain me – what i’m doing wrong? And how should i actually act here?


Hi Artūrs,

we’ve recently update the website with a new function to store patches on the device.
If you use Chrome and do CONNECT TO OWL as usual, you will see a STORE button. Clicking on it will prompt you to enter a slot number.
Patches are stored in slots, giving you the ability to replace as well as add patches to the device.
The first 5 patches are stored in slots 1 to 5.
To add a patch, keeping the pre-loaded 5 patches intact, click STORE and type in slot number 6.

Please try to make sure that the patch you want to store actually works on the device by trying it with LOAD first. Storing a patch which causes the firmware to crash, hang or reset may cause problems. Be particularly careful storing patches to slot 1, as this will be automatically loaded on startup.

We are working on a device page on the website which will let you list and manage the patches stored on the device.

Hope this helps,