Witch as USB host

Hi All,

Can you tell me more about what can be done with the witch USB host port?

The SD-1 demo video implies that a USB to midi leads will work … but I notice that only the device port is plugged in for all the “working” parts of the video :slight_smile: Is there a list of what leads do and don’t work? I presume there is a limit on the number of chipset drivers in the firmware.

Can the USB host do anything else, like store data on a thumb drive for access by a patch?


You can plug USB MIDI controller or synth into it, that’s the intended purpose. Not sure which specific video you mean, but you can see plenty of USB host usage here: Rebel Technology Witch Demo - YouTube

Connecting USB storage devices is not supported, but there’s a good chance that it would happen eventually. Same goes for HID devices (keyboards, mice).

I wouldn’t say that there’s a limit of possible drivers per se, the main problem is that supporting more USB endpoint class takes considerable effort. But that’s only part of the problem, because different hardware must be exposed in some way to user patches.

Note that currently USB host doesn’t handle reconnecting devices to it, you’ll have to reset OWL after unplugging device from USB to use it again. This is a software issue that should get fixed eventually.

That’s a great vid, thanks! I was thinking of this one: Rebel Technology Witch: WaveBank vs Ensoniq SD-1 - YouTube

So are all midi USB cables the same then? Not like RS232 where there are a few chipsets that need catering for? I’m a bit new to USB midi as you can probably tell :slight_smile:


If the device is class-compliant (aka; does not need a special driver - usually those are HID controllers then), then it should work just fine.

Ah, that video was using an ancient synth as a glorified MIDI controller - it doesn’t have a USB port and an adapter had to be used. But normally devices are connected to USB host port. And generally with USB you shouldn’t need a special cable.