Witch docs where?

Hi Folks,
Witch user number two here, pleased to say my build seems to have gone OK and win10 identifies midi and audio devices ok.

Are there any “getting started” docs anywhere that might explain how the knobs, buttons etc are assigned for the factory patches? Currently I can’t seem to find them and I’d quite like to know what I’m doing when twiddling!

Not to mention details like the voltage ranges expected on CV and audio in/outs… you know, all the good tech details :slight_smile:

Also would I need to upgrade firmware to latest release?


Hi Robin,

Have you seen this - https://witch.rebeltech.org/ ?

As for firmware, I think you should have the latest version.

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Ah! Thanks! … now you see I’d never have thought to try a link that said it was to a patch editor before finding out the basics first, maybe the product page should say more along the lines of “web based documentation and editor here” ?

Excellent, thanks very much! Now to play properly :smiley:


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right you are, and now it does - thanks Robin!

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You should probably add a link to the Witch docs at https://www.openwarelab.org/ as well