Witch - Error 0x60 Invalid SAVE name - QuadSampler


Got my Witch built and loving it, but I seem to have one small problem - on QuadSampler (only) when adjusting the Shape/Stereo/FX in the patch settings (or any other item there), it won’t then save, it returns “Error 0x60 Invalid SAVE name”. The web app seems fine with all the other patches, it’s just QuadSampler - possibly there is a typo in the web code or something? Unless I’m doing something wrong? It works perfectly well with the other 3/6 synth patches when saving any changes here though?

Hi @Sizzlo,

I’m not sure when @mars will be looking into this, but my impression is that the problem is not related to that specific parameter, but rather patch name length. I’ve made an issue on github about this. If you want to build a fixed firmware for yourself I can explain what needs to be changed.

Thanks @antisvin - much appreciated, fixing it myself is likely beyond my capabilities but will be interested to see if that’s the issue.