Wizard do 146% overload with max gen patch


faced a nasty problem
here is https://www.rebeltech.org/patch-library/patch/all_pass_reverb_test
patch, I can not understand what the problem is,
Max gen shows 4% CPU
wizards show 145%
Tell me there are some restrictions that can help avoid this?
Is the problem can only be with the gene?
very alarmed and upset, the most ordinary reverb drop him out of order (

Hi there,

can you please upload your .gendsp file as well? That way we can see how the patch is constructed.

Also, if you are using a firmware version < 20.5 and have a MIDI device plugged in, then this will take a chunk of performance out of your patch. The solution is to upgrade to : New firmware release OpenWare v20.5 for Wizard, Alchemist and Magus

Oh and here’s a Max gen~ reverb which I think works great: https://www.rebeltech.org/patch-library/patch/Foreverb

Just having a look at the output of compiling your patch. For some reason it results in a lot of double precision maths. It really shouldn’t, since we do all floating point calculations in single precision. I don’t know why or where this is happening but trying to work it out. But I don’t think the problem is your patch!

What version of Max are you using?

… or maybe it’s the tanh operation that is slow. Could be worth trying without it.

Sorry for long answer , max gen last update , but I’m think this is because I’m not do float , and max gen for default use double , at now my patch’s works batter ) , thx u

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