Wizard stuck + not detected after upgrade


I had installed v20.6, had some issue with patch display on the Device page but set it aside for a bit.

After reading the recent topics I returned to install v20.7 with the Laboratory tool and it seemed successful. “Device Message: Firmware upload complete.”

However, upon device restart, Wizard entered a mode with solid green LED, no reaction to controls. Does not respond to Device page or Laboratory tool. I found that OWL-MIDI 1 device is missing from system, even when entering Boot Loader mode where it is detected under normal operation.

amidi -l nor lsusb command shows the device in either mode.

Please assist.

hi Yonatan,

could you please try holding down the D button (fourth button) while plugging it in. This should activate the bootloader, which will allow you to re-flash the firmware (skip to step 3 of the firmware update procedure), or revert to v20.6 if that doesn’t work.

Huh that is weird. I’ve just tested v20.7 again with a Wizard I have here and it works for me. I don’t know if possibly something went wrong at the point of flashing, or if it is something about your Wizard that could be different (device settings, default patch). Let us know how it goes.

Thank you for quick reply, Martin. After some cable swapping I achieved MIDI connection and Boot Loader mode.

The hung state persisted however with earlier firmware and reflash of current.

I fixed it by storing a new patch in slot #1!

The following two patches create this situation when loaded as defaults:

Is there a way to remove specific patches from the device without overwriting with a new one?

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BTW in Openware Lab I saw this error before messages halted with the stuck patch:

Program Stats: Error 0x70 Preventing reset program from starting

Glad it’s working again!

Not individual patches, but you can erase all patches from the Device page: OWL Patch Library – Rebel Technology by clicking Erase Storage.

Yes that’s a safety catch in case the default patch causes multiple resets. At that point the device should have been responding to MIDI again.