Chronos mkII - Tempo Synced Oscillator/Tempo knob

What is the expected behavior of the Chronos LFO output (mode toggle in up or down position) when turning the tempo knob while synced to an external clock? I have a 120bpm 1/4 note plugged into the LFO Tempo-sync input jack. I am getting the selected LFO wavefrom cycling with each clock pulse. So far, this is what I would expect. What I don’t seem to understand is what effect the tempo knob should have on this.

Under the “Tempo Synced Oscillator” section of the manual, it says “Turning the Tempo knob will also change the frequency of the tempo synced oscillator, keeping both synchronised.” When I turn the tempo knob with my setup mentioned above, there is a brief (less than a second) increase or decrease in LFO frequency, but then it just syncs right back to the external clock pulse.

I was expecting/hoping for more of a clock divider/multiplier function (or any kind of rate change but maybe retriggering) for the LFO output when turning the knob while synced to external clock. The instruction video doesn’t address this scenario. Thanks.