Connecting two MIX 02 modules

I now have two MIX 02 modules – one Rev 02, and one Rev 03 – and I am trying to configure an 8-in, 2-out setup. I have the three-wire bus cable connecting the “3o” output on the Rev 02 unit going to the “X2” input (?) on the Rev 03 unit. Is this the correct configuration? It seems to be working EXCEPT the panning on the Rev 02 unit is reversed (panning Left shifts the audio to the Right channel, for example). Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thank you.

Okay, so we changed the pinout, and labels, between revisions. Sorry, but it had to be done!

In consequence the cable needs to be reversed to a crossover configuration, otherwise the channels will be reversed.

We can send you a new set of cables (pm me!), or you could have a go at swapping them around yourself: use a small pin or sowing needle to push/fiddle out the left and right pins from the front of the connector. Then push them back in opposite places. They kind of click into/out of position inside the plastic head. The middle pin stays.

Thank you for the reply. I switched the outer pins in the connector and it’s working great!

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