Faust anti-aliased library error?

I was making this super spacey 70’s jazz sound for my rhodes in Faust. I felt like something was wrong, and then I figured out that a touch of overdrive was what I needed. So I used aa.cubic1 from the anti-aliased library in Faust, and got super happy with the result.

But then I tried to compile it for my owl pedal, and the web compiler gave me compile errors stating that it doesn’t know what the aa. library is…

Is owl using an very old version of Faust or something? It’s a bit annoying when you make something nice in Faust but then you gotta remove the nice part for it to work on the pedal :confused:

Yes, the FAUST version in online compiler is fairly old and can’t be easily upgraded due to old OS version. In case of missing libraries you might be able to upload them along with your patch as a workaround.

Oh that’s true! Thanks for the idea :slightly_smiling_face:

For future reference, is there any info on what specific version of faust is supported?

Sorry, I have no idea. There was a post here back in 2017 that v0.9.102 is installed, but I think there might had been another update after that.

@LudvigWard Is your project public somewhere ?