Forum Website in Darkmode - Logo

I just saw, that you can use this forum in darkmode which is very pleasing to me. But there is one thing that bothers me: the Rebel Technology Log at top left is totally unreable and weirdly dark.

Wow I didn’t know we had a dark mode, looks pretty good! See what you mean about the logo.
Anyone good with that photoshoppy stuff?

The original logo uses a semi-transparent backgound that mixes with background from the page. I just took the logo, fixed the background to be non transparent, so the site backgound color dont messes with the logo backgorund.

I think we could have separate icons in both themes. We could use inverted color scheme for dark mode.

@antisvin you’ve just made yourself site admin.

Should’ve kept my big mouth shut!

It looks like the Discourse plugin for using different logos in themes requires newer version. Besides that, Discourse itself supports per theme logos since last summer.

For now I’ve changed it to use this non-transparent logo, if that would not work for some reason the old theme URL was “/uploads/default/original/1X/DiscourseLogo.png”

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Upgraded version supports SVG and per theme logos, yay!
I made a new logo version which works for both light and dark themes. Prefer the old one? Let me know!