Lich, calibration does nothing and output is offset

Hi, I’m new to Lich and looking forward to writing some code for it.
Thinking that a nice patch to have available would be one to test all ins and outs, and allow user to set calibration by ear.

Anyway, first need to actually get it working.

I’m able to upload patches to the Lich, and everything seems to be working, apart from calibration.

I can run the calibration, but using the check High voltage measured stays at 4.99, and low at -4.88.
Doesn’t matter how many times i calibrate, or even if I type in silly values for voltage, it stays the same.
Web page shows ‘test results’ of 5.01 and -5.01.

Using the calibrate ( and lead from out to in) patch I measured 0.02V with neither button pressed.

Just measuring the output, without the connection to input, I get
High button 5.05V
Low Button -5.02V
no button press 0V

Any ideas?

I used the “Test Calibrate” patch also as a voltmeter, just patching a voltage to the input and hitting the web button to read it. This reads the same as my voltmeter. ( generated 4V and -4V with a Doepfer precision adder, voltmeter +3.98, -3.98. Lich reads +3.97 and -3.98. I don’t vouch for either the accuracy of the Doepfer module, to which I calibrate my system, or the voltmeter which is old and cheap…but it makes me think that the input is ok.) Input reads 0V on the webpage calib check with no connection.

Hi Andy,
Is your multimeter yellow or orange?..

Have a look at this video with calibration details if you haven’t seen it. And maybe this thread including the comment about adding resistance for calibration.

If neither helps, we can try summoning @mars here.

Many thanks.
I now have a module calibrated to the poor standard of my meter, which is grey actually.
Main thing is :-
The “Test High” and “Test Low” buttons on the webpage are not the same as buttons on the Lich
(from the alt calib vid which you suggested)
(not sure about the impedance thing , but did it anyway)

Other ‘learning curve’ from today is that you have to use chrome, and not Firefox with midi enabling add-ons.

At least it works, and accurate calibration can wait.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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