Lich midi controller issue

Hi all,
I am trying to connect Faderfox EC4 to Lich, using a midi to usb cable, but any patch (with midi capability) is not reacting to the CC messages sent from the controller. I’ve connecting the same usb cable to the midi monitor on my mac and I see that the CC messages are arriving from the controller to the computer. How can I troubleshoot the issue?
Thank you.

Is that some kind of adapter from 5 pin serial MIDI to USB?

CC numbers for all parameters are here - OWL MIDI Mappings | OpenWareLab . I think that parameters that read from analog inputs (A-D) would override whatever you set by MIDI as they’re constantly updated.

Make sure that your controller is sending normal 7 bit CC and not less common 14 bit.

Yes, this one - Swissonic MidiConnect 2 – Musikhaus Thomann
I am using Harmonic oscillator patch -
I send 7bit CC 75-82, not using any analog inputs.
Lich firmware - Lich v22.4.0

There are a few things to look out for:

  1. The CC numbers are correct, they set levels for parameters AA-AH that change partial levels. From a quick look at patch code you can only change level if that parameter is not 0 and some combinations of parameters A-D set part of the spectrum to 0. So make sure that you check more than just a parameter or two in this case

  2. USB host currently doesn’t support plugging cable off, it creates an internal error and USB MIDI won’t work until you reset the module

If neither is the culprit here, I think it must be related to that adapter. Do you have some other controller with an actual USB port to confirm that it’s not a problem with USB host on your Lich itself?

I’ve checked these 2 points.
I don’t have any other controller, but I’ve tried sending midi CCs over usb from Ableton. My other device (midihub) is seeing it, but Lich is not reacting to the CCs.

I think there was a problem in Lich firmware (and maybe a few other devices) that prevented it from powering USB devices unless they are plugged when OWL boots. So you can make another test and plug the cable before powering Lich - if that makes it work, I can send you a build of upcoming firmware release where this is fixed.

In older firmware versions the USB host connection would only be made on boot up.
It’s definitely able to re-connect now. Just checked.